Staff Member Application

Hi there!

Are you interested in STEM or social sciences? You may be a good fit for Scientia: The Foothill College Science Magazine. If you want to contribute to our magazine, you can apply to be an Editor or a Senior Editor. Editors are responsible for writing at least 1 articles per month for Scientia, and Senior Editors are responsible for writing 2 articles and checking the work of the Editors.

Note: You don’t have to be a STEM or social sciences major to be an editor for Scientia. The only requirement is an interest in learning and an enthusiasm for writing articles. Also, these are not paid positions, but they will definitely enhance your transfer applications and prove to colleges that you are:

  • Great at science
  • Proficient at writing
  • A critical thinker
  • A well-rounded applicant.

Apply to be an Editor or Senior Editor here. We will read your application and get back to you.

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