How the Non-profit Dream Volunteers is Fueling Sustainability.

The non-profit organization Dream Volunteers aims to empower and educate future leaders; primarily through service learning and academic scholarships. Another aspect that the non-profit conquers throughout its programs is sustainability. Volunteers particularly upkeep the cloud forests located in Costa Rica, the forest is distinctive as it hosts a range of biodiversity.

Cloud forests received their name due to the low clouds that engross the canopy of the forests, to then condense into the greenery. The formation of clouds is heavily dependent on the climate and the distance from the ocean. As previously noted, the cloud forest is rich in biodiversity due to its high volume of moisture. Some examples of plant species that thrive in the environment are a wide array of mosses, cacti, orchids, and bamboo. Forbye, all five species of wild cats are present, oncilla, puma, jaguar, jaguarundi, and ocelot.

The cloud forest is important due to the eccentric biodiversity. Through the Dream Volunteers Catalyst program, volunteers can be a part of the upkeep the forest needs. The Catalyst program moreover represents a connection between living symbiotically with our environment and with each other. Volunteers travel internationally to cooperate to decrease their carbon footprint.

The cloud formation within the forest is vital to the hydrological realm of the environment. Hydrology is the study of the distribution and quality of water, which includes the water cycle and water resources. Without a thriving landscape, stem flow cannot occur. Stem flow consists of the act of transferring precipitation and nutrients back into the soil. Therefore, if the forest is not tended to the hydrological cycle will be thrown off, overall hurting the ecosystem.

In regards, to the increasing threat, climate change could dramatically impact the cloud forest such as decreased cloud coverage, reducing the amount of moisture that is habitat to many species. Overall, the temperature will continue to rise, making the habitat unliveable.

The richness in biodiversity illustrates how vital Dream Volunteers’ work towards building sustainability and contributing to the overall health of Costa Rica’s ecosystem. The volunteers immerse themselves into learning about the supply chain of the coffee businesses. In addition, there are local entrepreneurs that are partaking in ecotourism and environmentally friendly farming programs.

If you want to learn more about Dream Volunteers, their mission, and find ways to get involved, make sure to check out their website!

Article by: Alexis Takagi

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