A Deeper Look into Facial Recognition

A recent Pew Research Center survey reveals that a majority, 86%, of Americans have heard about facial recognition technology which can allude to increase awareness. Facial recognition as biometric software that compares and analyzes patterns directly based on a person’s facial contours, biometrics refers to body measurements and calculations. However, there is a current duality that US adults are facing regarding facial recognition. The use of technology is trusted by law enforcement and not accepted when used by tech companies.

The Pew study further revealed that 17% of adults trust law enforcement agencies a great deal, and 39% somewhat trust the use of the new technological tool. In comparison, only 5% trust technology companies, and 2% trust advertisers.

When exploring specific situations, man adults remain unsure about the use of facial recognition. For example, apartment building managers tracking who enters or leaves their buildings, 36% categorize this example as acceptable, whereas 15% remain uncertain. Another situation that was explored was advertisers being able to see the public response to their ads, 15% view this as acceptable and 16% remain unsure. Through these examples, there is a fine line between what is acceptable, not acceptable, and not sure. Yet, 56% of Americans trust law enforcement to use facial recognition diligently.

Pew Research Center noted that there is a smaller amount of individuals that support facial recognition used by law enforcement, specifically individuals that are black or Hispanic, and another group is the political party Democrats.

It is important to note that awareness of the new technology is widespread, 95% of Americans with a college degree and 28% of college graduates have heard “a lot” about facial recognition. Further, there is identical shared knowledge despite generational gaps. Although older adults are generally more accepting than young adults when using law enforcement uses technology.

Exploring the definition, purpose, and perspective discussing facial recognition is significant towards identifying the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the technology. Without conservation further expressing our concerns, facial recognition is going to continue to penetrate other public realms.

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Article by: Alexis Takagi

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